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En av mina absoluta favoritfilmer är paperman.
Paperman är fantastisk film med bl. a Jeff Daniels, Emma Stone, Lisa Kudrow och Ryan Reynolds i rollistan.
Jeff Daniels spelar den ganska ensamma och misslyckade författaren Richard Dunn. Han har en låtsaskompis, Captain Excellent.
Efter sin första roman (som inte sålde alls) köper han och hans fru ett hus i skogen för att han ska få tillbaka motivationen till att skriva sin uppföljare.
Emma Stone spelar Abby.
"It was me... that dared her to go in. It was really cold. It was much, much colder than today know, she wasn't gonna turn down a dare. We were like that."
"Richard regarded his solitude as something sacred as a well earned badge of honor, a cloak to be worn to ward off life. As his safety. Solitude is who he was. This caused those in his life to view him with a barely veiled contempt. Richard was certain tat he was not liked. Which is hard on a man. Maybe it was because he gave nothing that he received nothing in return. In any case, his situation had become intolerable. The closest things he had to friends were either imaginary or extinct. And Richard had reached a point of life where this was no longer enough. And the met a girl... And she was warm. And she was sad. And she was maybe lonely in a way that reminded him of himself. She'd lost things that a girl should never have lost. And she knew things. And she taught him. And Richard thought: "Maybe this is what friendship feels like. Maybe." It was just a glimpse, they'd barely begun, really. But in those long, few winter days, she'd given him so much. Enough so that Richard could go on. And what had he given her? Just a few words on a page. Not much, perhaps. But for Abby, he hoped it was enough."

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Ikväll efter jobbet ska jag se den näst sista filmen. Gör lite ont i hjärtat faktiskt att det snart är slut, man har ju på många sätt växt upp med glasögonormen. ♥